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We at FilmYeti work to protect both you and the people that hire you. Before going further please take a minute to read our rules. 

By accessing the FilmYeti website, app or services, you agree to be legally bound by these terms (https://filmyeti.com/terms), as well as the FilmYeti Privacy Policy (https://filmyeti.com/privacy) and Code of Conduct (https://filmyeti.com/conduct)

FilmYeti reserves the right to grant membership at our sole discretion. Please be as accurate and truthful as possible when filling out your profile (so we can find the best gigs for you!) Please do not request payment outside of the FilmYeti platform (it makes it harder for us to protect both you and the company that hires you!)

You must schedule a video interview to be considered for FilmYeti membership (scheduling instructions will be shown after you send in your application for membership!) Be professional! Show up on time, prepared, and ready to work. Be kind to each other or we will remove your profile and may ban you from ever coming back to FIlmYeti.

Please respond within 24 hours to any job opportunities we email you with. Please respond to any producer we put you in touch with within 24 hours!

FilmYeti charges Talent 10% of the compensation earned through projects you are hired on through us.
 FilmYeti will accept payment from the Producer on your behalf, and forward this payment to you (minus the 10% fee) as soon as we receive it.

For projects paying each Talent up to $10,000, the Producer must pay FilmYeti within 10 days, counting from your first day on the production. For projects paying each Talent up to $50,000, the Producer must pay FilmYeti within 20 days, counting from your first day on the production.

You are fully responsible for paying your own federal and provincial/state tax. 

You can cancel and delete your FilmYeti profile at any time. FilmYeti doesn't offer refunds for any completed projects.
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I see you're an {{answer_20346389}}! Am I blushing?

Here's the thing - I don't yet know how to be your agent. :(
That means that I probably won't be able to find you work any time soon.

I already have your email, so if you want to keep going - I'll add you to my casting waitlist.
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Talented professionals don't work for free! Your rate must be a minimum of $200/day. FilmYeti uses it to better match you to projects. Your rate will never be shown to anyone (only you can see it).
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Which union are you in?

If you belong to more than one union - please list them all!
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This one is super important if your work is visual or audio-based!
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I can count {{answer_20346389}} as your primary skill, and this next one as your secondary.
I see you're an {{answer_20594852}}! Am I blushing?

Here's the thing - I don't yet know how to be your agent. :(
That means that I probably won't be able to find you work any time soon.

What is your daily rate? *

Remember, your rate must be a minimum of $200/day. 
Do you have an IMDB page?

Some projects will require that you use your own equipment. Some may need you to travel. This next part is all about that.

Do you own any equipment?

For example: cameras, lenses, stabilizers/mounts/jibs/rigs,  software, sound equipment, hair & makeup kit, yeti grooming products, etc.
Do you have a car, or can you rent one?

How far are you willing to travel? *

And I mean the farthest, so just pick one!

Is there anything else that you'd like to tell me?

Producers often come to me looking for niche skills and experience - tell me anything awesome about yourself!
How did you hear about FilmYeti?

If it was through someone who's already a member, I'd love to know who!
Right after you send this, I'll create a simple profile for you. The last step will be to pick a time to chat with the co-founders!

We'll get to that in a second! :-)
Thanks for telling me a bit about yourself {{answer_20346351}}! Before we start sending you gigs, we have to do a quick video call with you. You will now be taken to our scheduling page. Please pick a time that works best for you!
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P.S. You're totally awesome for trying this out :-)
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I understand! Unfortunately, we won't be able to work together if you don't accept our Terms of Service. Best of luck with all your future endeavours!
Thank you!
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