Hey there! I'm FilmYeti, your personal talent scout.
I'll be your guide to finding the best crew possible.
Let's begin!
We at FilmYeti work to protect both you and the people you hire. Before going further, please take a minute to read our rules.

By accessing the FilmYeti Website, App or Services, you agree to be legally bound by these terms (https://filmyeti.com/terms), as well as the FilmYeti Privacy Policy (https://filmyeti.com/privacy) and Code of Conduct (https://filmyeti.com/conduct) *

You're called Project Owner on FilmYeti. The people and the companies you hire are called Talent or Talents. When you create a project, it's called a Project Notice or a Gig (hereinafter "Gig"). FilmYeti does not accept unpaid Gigs (minimum $200/day).

FilmYeti needs at least 72 hours’ notice before you start principal photography to find your crew! For post-production work, you can create a Gig at any time. Don’t request payment outside of the FilmYeti Platform (it makes it harder for us to protect both you and the people you hire)!

There is no fee to create a Project Notice or a FilmYeti Account. We charge a 10% commission for Talent hired through FilmYeti. The 10% is on top of the Gig budget or the daily rate of each individual Talent.

For Gigs paying each Talent up to $10,000, you must pay FilmYeti within 10 calendar days, counting from Talent's first day on the Gig.

For Gigs paying each Talent up to $50,000, you must pay FilmYeti within 20 calendar days, counting from Talent's first day on the Gig.

For Gigs paying each Talent more than $50,000, please email Alex Palmer at alex@filmyeti.com
FilmYeti will pay Talent as soon as we receive payment from you.

FilmYeti does not offer refunds for any completed Gigs. There is no cancellation fee if you cancel a Gig that has been staffed with one or more Talent when the Gig is cancelled more than 5 days before the start date.

If you cancel any Gig that has been staffed with one or more Talent within 5 days before the start date, you will have to pay FilmYeti a fee equalling the lesser of $1,000 (as measured in the local currency of the Gig location) or 10% of the money that would have been paid to Talent for the cancelled Gig.
Great! What's your first name? *

And your last name, if you will?

Hey {{answer_20108914}}, it's nice to meet you! I'll walk you through creating a new project. Please note that this must be a paid gig, a minimum of $200/day.

Because talented professionals shouldn't have to work for free - I can't accept unpaid gigs.
What's the name of the company making this? *

If it's an indie or school project, you can put the director's or the school's name!
Does the project/company have a website?

It can also be a Facebook page, Vimeo or YouTube channel, etc.
Do you have an IMDB profile?

Your company's IMDB is best! If this is an indie project - you can use your personal one. :)
Let's talk about who you need to hire. I'll ask a few questions about each person that you need for your project.

If you're looking for an entire production company or more than one person - that's coming up as well!
How much are you paying your {{answer_20110128}} per day? If you're paying a separate gear/kit fee - that's coming up in just a second! *

You must pay a minimum of $200/day. Don't worry - there are no upfront fees for finding people. FilmYeti charges a 10% fee on top of each crew member's rate. You'll be invoiced only for the people you hire!
How many days will you need them for?

What are the must-haves for the {{answer_20110128}} on this project?

Equipment, specific experience, software proficiency, vehicle, etc. If you're paying a separate daily gear rental fee - this is the place to put it! For example - "1 RED Weapon for $1,000/day".
Any nice-to-haves?

Think of these as a bonus, but not a deal breaker! For example - "experience recording sound in a moving vehicle."
Do you need more people other than {{answer_20110128}}? *

Awesome! Who else do you need?

Let's talk about your second crew member! Same idea as before. Ready? Set... GO!
How much are you paying your {{answer_20110928}} per day? *

Same idea as before - if you're paying a separate gear/kit fee - that's coming up in a second!
How many days will you need them for?

What are the must-haves?

Equipment (and the daily gear/kit rental fee if you're paying that separately), any specific experience, software proficiency, vehicle, etc.
And how about nice-to-haves?

Things that would be awesome to have, but aren't a deal breaker if they're missing.
Do you need more people? *

Nice! Let's do this. Other than a {{answer_20110128}} and {{answer_20110928}}, just write who else you need to hire below.

You can use this format - "Yeti Wrangler: $400/day for 8 days, Yeti Groomer: $2,000/day for 5 days (needs to have Yeti Makeup Kit - we'll rent it at $50/day)".
Are you paying in CAD or USD? *

When do you need them for? *

If you need them for more than a day - just put a start date!
Is this a union production? *

What city & province/state are you filming in? *

Is accommodation provided? *

When would you like to have options by?

I'd love to know how urgent this request is. You can use any format you like. For example: "I'd love to see options in about 2 weeks" OR "As soon as you're able!" OR "August 22nd, 2017".
Perfect! To wrap up, please tell me a little bit about your project. Story synopsis, key project details, anything that the person you're hiring should know (for example - how long the working day will be).

Being descriptive in this section will help me a lot with finding the right person for the job!
How did you hear about FilmYeti, {{answer_20108914}}?

If you were referred by someone we've worked with before and already trust - please tell us who it was! It lets us know that you're a real person and you'll receive options much faster this way. If this isn't your first time hiring through us - no need to write anything here! :)
Right after you submit, you'll receive a confirmation email with your project's details. It means FilmYeti has received your request and is working on finding you great people!

I understand! Unfortunately, we won't be able to work together if you don't accept our Terms of Service. Thank you for checking us out and all the best! :)
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That's it {{answer_20108914}}! Thank you for using FilmYeti.  If this is your first project on FilmYeti, one of the co-founders will reach out to you via email within 48 hours.
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